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Crystal Energy Workshop Series (July 10th)

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The Crystal Energy Workshop Series includes: Crystal Energy Part 1: Basics of Working with Crystals, and Crystal Energy 2: Crystal Grids


About this event


The objective of the Crystal Energy Workshop Series is to help you gain proficiency in working with the energy of crystals throughout your daily life. Crystals and gemstones are a true gift from Mother Earth and have been used throughout human history for personal empowerment, spiritual development, technological advancement and mystical practice. Crystals carry a vibration of their own and can lend energy to a multitude of areas, including healing, spiritual growth, psychic awareness, prosperity, protection and many other purposes.

The Crystal Energy Workshop Series is split between two courses:

Crystal Energy Part 1: Basics of Working with Crystals,


Crystal Energy Part 2: Working with Crystal Grids



Crystal Energy Part 1: Basics of Working with Crystals, we will learn:

To be self sufficient in uncovering the meaning of an unknown crystal

Tools to help your intuition guide your awareness and understanding of the energy crystals carry and how to apply them in your life

Specific techniques to sense the vibrations within crystals

Techniques to energetically charge and program crystals

Techniques to cleanse crystals



Crystal Energy Part 2: Working with Crystal Grids

In Crystal Energy Part 2 we will be exploring advanced methods of using crystals. The objective of this course is to help you learn the structure and method of building crystal grids. Crystal grids can be applied to your home or office space for the purpose of attracting peace, prosperity, love, spiritual protection, healing among other things. You will learn:

The components that make up a crystal grid

The importance of the Focus Stone, Way Stone and Desire Stones

Grid designs and Sacred Geometry

How to determine the proper grid location

Exercises to expand your psychic awareness using crystal grids

If you are new to crystals, it is highly recommended that you attend Crystal Energy 1 before you attend Crystal Energy 2.

The Crystal Energy Workshop Series will put you to WORK! There will be partner crystal energy exercises and individual crystal energy exercises, so be prepared to socialize with like minded individuals and feel free to bring a friend. These workshops are very hands-on! You will learn practical exercises to train your metaphysical awareness to perceive energy within crystals. You will be recording your experiences as we go along, so PLEASE BRING A NOTEBOOK AND SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH!!!!

The Crystal Energy Workshops will require full participation from all who attend, so come prepared to focus, exercise your psychic muscles and grow in your awareness of crystal energy!

Crystals will also be sold at the workshop for anyone who would like to purchase them.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please RSVP so that there will be an accurate accounting of attendees. Space is limited. Purchase your ticket in advance to secure your seat!



Instructor Bio:

Perry is an evidential medium with over 20 years of experience in metaphysical training. He is currently Oni Sango in the Yoruba Tradition of Ifa and is a practitioner of West African Egungun, Orisa and Ifa Spiritual Technology. Along with the study of his priesthood to Orisa Sango, Perry is also a professional paranormal investigator and has been featured on the Travel Channel for his work as a psychic-medium.

He was born in Oakland California and is currently living in Roscoe Illinois where he continues to train in the metaphysical arts. He began his journey on the path to psychic and spiritual growth at a very young age and has been psychically sensitive since the age of 6.

Perry has been a student and practitioner of metaphysics and spirituality for over 20 years with in depth experience in the following areas: Spiritual Cleansings, Spirit Attachment Removal (exorcism), Mediumship, Psychic Surgery, Astral Projection, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Psychometry, Psychic Self Defense, Crystal Healing and Gridding, and various forms of energy healing techniques (Examples: Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Prana, Intuitive).

Perry founded the trademark to Quantum CleansingTM which is a one of a kind, highly effective, energetic clearing process, promoting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness. He is also a Professional Paranormal Investigator who specialize in helping people in instances where strong nonphysical malevolence is present. Perry has studied at the International Academy of Consciousness and is currently an approved psychic-medium for the Edgar Cayce Center in New York City.


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