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Psychic Development Class (Weekly Starting Monday July 5)

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Psychic Development Class takes a practical approach to training your natural psychic abilities. Think boot camp, but for psychics!

About this event

Psychic Development Class

Are you serious in the pursuit of psychic development and are looking for a fun and safe environment to practice your intuitive skills?

The Psychic Development Class is facilitated by Professional Psychic- Medium and Spiritual Coach, Perry Foster (As seen on Travel Channel)

Perry is a spiritual coach who specialize in psychic development training. He has been psychically sensitive since early childhood and has over 20 years experience in psychic development practice. He has taught classes and workshops on psychic and metaphysical topics around the United States and has worked with many individuals one on one by coaching them along the journey of psychic self discovery.

According to over 150 years of scientific research in the areas of Parapsychology and Quantum Physics, scientists have found that psychic ability is real and it is a natural aspect of our human consciousness, and each person has a psychic potential that can be developed, disciplined and harnessed to aid one in their overall spiritual elevation and navigation through life's circumstances.

Psychic development can help you maintain good mental, emotional and physical health. It can also help with improving memory, increase creativity, spiritual growth, physical and emotional healing, and more.

The Psychic Development Class is for EVERYONE regardless of your level of experience or spiritual background!

In the Psychic Development Class, be prepared to learn:

- How to define what a psychic is and information on the western scientific research and evidence that supports it. Resources to scientific journals and links to the most up to date psychical research will be available to the class.

- Learn effective techniques in mental focus and relaxation

- Gain a solid understanding of altered states of consciousness and how various trance states impact the reception of psychic data

-Learn how to tell the difference between imagination, visualization and psychic reception, which helps to discern what is your own psychology and what is psychic impression.

-Gain a solid understanding of Bio Energy and how to discern the difference between Consciential Bio energy and Elemental Bio Energy.

-You will be learning techniques in energetic control through the conscious mobilization, oscillation, absorption, and exteriorization of bio energy. This helps to maintain healthy energy levels by restoring the body's energy reserves if depleted, release bio energies that were empathically absorbed from others, aid in the bodies healing process for yourself and others, and more.

-Learn how to recognize when your own bioenergy is out of alignment and ways to bring yourself back to energetic equilibrium.

-We will thoroughly discuss the importance of maintaining psychic self defense along with techniques that help develop strong skills in this area.

-Gain proficiency in obtaining accuracy of evidential psychic data through the development of "The Clairs":

- Clairvoyance (psychic seeing)

- Clairaudience (psychic hearing)

- Clairsentience (empathy)

-Clairgustus (psychic smelling and tasting)

-Claircognizance (psychic knowing)

*Other psychic skills such as mediumship, remote viewing, astral projection and advanced psychic skills will be explored once proficiency is gained in mental focus, psychic discernment and technical skills learned in class.


Psychic ability is elastic, just like any other skill. How hard you work at developing it and your level of commitment to the work of frequent practice will determine your growth rate and level of achievement.

**One on one psychic coaching with Perry is encouraged if you are looking to seriously commit to psychic development and want to map out a development plan for your psychic growth along with further instruction customized to fit your psychic development goals. Just think personal trainer, but for psychics! Lol

In the Psychic Development Class we will be practicing our psychic abilities together, with each other. The focus is on fine tuning your talents, no matter the level of development, so you can produce consistent evidential results.

Please come with an open mind, and an opened heart and be willing to have fun!


 Instructor Bio:

Perry is an evidential medium with over 20 years of experience in metaphysical training. He is currently Aboku Sango in the Yoruba Tradition of Ifa and is a practitioner of West African Egungun, Orisa and Ifa Spiritual Technology. Perry is also a professional paranormal investigator and has been featured on the Travel Channel for his work as a psychic-medium.

He was born in Oakland California and is currently living in Roscoe Illinois where he continues to train in the metaphysical arts. He began his journey on the path to psychic and spiritual growth at a very young age and has been psychically sensitive since the age of 6.

Perry has been a student and practitioner of metaphysics and spirituality for over 20 years with in depth experience in the following areas: Spiritual Cleansings, Spirit Attachment Removal (exorcism), Mediumship, Psychic Surgery, Astral Projection, Clairvoyance, Remote Viewing, Psychometry, Psychic Self Defense, Crystal Healing and Gridding, and various forms of energy healing techniques (Examples: Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Prana, Intuitive).​

Perry founded the trademark to Quantum CleansingTM which is a one of a kind, highly effective, energetic clearing process, promoting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness. He is also a Professional Paranormal Investigator who specialize in helping people in instances where strong nonphysical malevolence is present. Perry has studied at the International Academy of Consciousness and is currently an approved psychic-medium for the Edgar Cayce Center in New York City.

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