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Oracle's Apothecary is made from a continuing connection with Ancestors and a connection with community. It is fueled by desire do more and give back to the community via ancestor work, knowledge, and readings.


I am severely allergic to most lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics. This is one of the few skin products I can use without fear of having an allergic reaction! The natural ingredients in this body butter make it the perfect product for anyone with sensitive skin!

Dani on Unbothered Body Butter

The first time I used this I was immediately reminded of a Creamiscle! Not only does it smell delicious, but it also has such a soft + creamy texture that the infused herbs don't feel harsh as can happen with some exfoliating soap bars. As with my previous review of the "Cleanse Yo Self" spiritual bath (#GetYouSome), I'd be remiss if I didn't state upfront that our spiritual journeys, gifts, assignments + practices are radically different from that of others. So what works for me, may not be a skillful means for anyone else. I've used this three times now, while centering in my prayer that feelin' myself will support + deepen my ability to connect with + feel the guidance of my ancestors + Spirit. Each time, I've moved through my day truly feeling more grounded, calmly focused, aligned in purpose + attuned to Spirit. Pro tip: I slice pieces off to preserve it + to prevent my family from using it all willy-nilly.

t scott-miller on Feeling Yourself Soap

First let me start by saying if you work in the public or are surrounded by people on a daily basis, YOU NEED THIS SOAP!!! Cleanse yo self soap helps you get rid of all the ick you pick up unknowingly out in the world every day. I like to use it during my evening bath or shower before bed. You just feel lighter emotionally and spiritually. Seriously you don’t realize how bogged down you are until you use this soap to wash it off!!!

Renee F. on Cleanse Yo Self Soap


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