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Run Me My Money Body Butter

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Get to know me:

If there are two things for sure I know you would like today it's a little extra money, and skin that isn't ashy. You know the ashy I'm talking about, that walked through flour on the way to the desert ashy. I'm here for you, truly, madly, ashy and all. Let me help you to not be broke AND ashy at the same time. Let us both manifest TOGETHER a promotion of funds and a deficit of dry skin. I'm even going to leave your skin with a light smell of spicy cinnamon, exciting peppermint, and soothing cedar. No flies on you today. Walk in the manifestation of that extra you would like in your life and the means to make it happen for you.

Ingredients: Rosehip Seed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Citric Acid, Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil

Tips from The Oracle:

Our Rosehip Seed Oil is organic, beeswax is locally sourced, and we use no artificial dyes or fragrance oils. Our body butter isn't greasy and is great goes on silky smooth on your skin. Oh and did I mention we contain no preservatives. No extra harmful ingredients for your largest organ, so sirey bob.

    4oz glass jar of body butter
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