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Laid Out Body Butter

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Get to know me:

Ready to be put on your back and more present in your body? If you don't always have time to ground out another way, I'm here to help. I know it can be hard and challenging with so many different energies all around to truly feel in your own body. It's okay though, I'm help you find your way back into your own person. I'll help you calm down. Put me in your hands, rub me on your neck, arms, back, wherever. Relax into the smell of my lavender and eucalyptus.

Ingredients: Rosehip Seed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Citric Acid, Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Tips from The Oracle:

Our Rosehip Seed Oil is organic, beeswax is locally sourced, and we use no artificial dyes or fragrance oils. Our body butter isn't greasy and is great goes on silky smooth on your skin. Oh and did I mention we contain no preservatives. No extra harmful ingredients for your largest organ, so sirey bob.

Customer Reviews

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This body butter is wonderful and part of my nightly ritual now. Love it! Soothing, moisturizing, and feels divine.

Stef Schulze

I cannot say enough about this stuff, it is total luxury and it really works! The balance of fragrance is just perfect. It goes on thick but wears light. I can feel tension and stress roll off of my skin and out the window every time. If the phrase "treat yo self" was actually an item, this would be it. Fabulous stuff! Thank you, Oracle, for everything that you do! 🪐👑🌠

Andrea Sugg
Love it

I didn't know i needed this until I got it! My favorite product i own!

Katrina Daniels
So lush and moisturizing!

Would buy again.

Amanda C.
Laid All the Way Out!

If you're a walking ball of anxiety, like me, you need Laid Out Body Butter! The eucalyptus and lavender partner perfectly together to chill my ass out, while softening my scaly, stressed out skin. I use this stuff every day, especially after my shower, and within minutes, I can physically feel my tension release. And with my super sensitive skin (seriously, my skin is temperamental as hell), I never worry because the ingredients are natural & THEY WORK!

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