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Cleanse Yo Self Soap

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Get to to know me:

Have you ever thought of your energetic body as a coat? You take it everywhere, you throw it on places, sometimes it falls on the floor and someone may or may not have stepped on it? Then you take it home with you and drag it all over your house. Sounds like a pretty busy, and exciting time, until you get home and realize you feel not so great. This is what I'm here for!

My Hyssop and Lemongrass one, two punch is going to help you get rid of the attachments that are not yours and do not serve you. As well as any other things you dragged your energy body through along the way. All you need to do and is take me to the shower and lets get clean with my silky lather.

I smell amazing by the way! I smell like mint and sweet lemongrass. I linger gently on your skin but clean on your mind.

Ingredients: Saponified oils (Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Babassu Oil, Mango Butter, Rice Bran Oil, and Castor Oil), Goats Milk, Hyssop Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lemongrass Herbs

Tips from The Oracle:

Our Palm Oil is sustainably sourced, we do not have any coconut oil in any of our bars, and we are fragrance and dye free. Every bar may look a little different depending on the amount of herbs we put on the top of each bar, as well as the sizing may vary slightly. Don't forget to put your soap on a soap dish that has a good amount of ventilation so you can keep your bar working for you for a longer amount of time.

Customer Reviews

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Cleanse Yo Self Soap

Lovely soap

The bar is so nicely and expertly scented. The description is fun and nails the feel and sensation of the scent perfectly. The soap is really fantastic to use as well...

Best soap ever

I love using this soap! It’s great for cleansing the body and the soul 10/10

So scrumptious!

I absolutely love this soap! It has made my skin so clean and soft and really cleared up my cycle related acne! Smells divine and is super gentle.

Squeaky Clean!

First let me start by saying if you work in the public or are surrounded by people on a daily basis, YOU NEED THIS SOAP!!! Cleanse yo self soap helps you get rid of all the ick you pick up unknowingly out in the world every day. I like to use it during my evening bath or shower before bed. You just feel lighter emotionally and spiritually. Seriously you don’t realize how bogged down you are until you use this soap to wash it off!!!

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