Oracle's Apothecary

Rosemary Smoke Sticks

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Get to Know Me: Sit next to and let me tell you the story of how... wait I'm supposed to be telling you about me. Well first let me tell you how I tend to ward off evil and nightmares. No wait let me tell you about how I'm pretty protective. I  do so much, it is hard to find a place to start. I'm also good for dispelling jealousy as well. Oh goodness, well that too as a matter of fact. 


Ingredients: Rosemary,  Rose, Lavender 


Tips from The Oracle: What Rosemary forgot to tell you is that he also aids in mediation. Roses help with love and spiritual protection, and Lavender is a great spiritual protector and is grounding. The smoke sticks are about 7-9 inches long.