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Let's Clean House Wall Wash

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Get to know me:

Not everyone can take in the heavy smell of herbs lit ablaze while they cleanse their space. So here I am! I am the perfect option if that is you or you don't like the smoke. Spray me around your home the way you would smudge or smoke your space. I also work great in your car or at work for that one co-worker you think needs a little extra sunshine. Don't spray it on your co-worker, I want nothing to do with that... I have to say that.

Ingredients: Hyssop, Lemongrass, Distilled Water, Alcohol

Tips from The Oracle:

First do not drink this. Just because it contains alcohol, doesn't mean you drink it. Hyssop and Lemongrass are amazing herb and great for on the go. Really though, don't drink this.

    clear glass spray bottle filled with liquid
    clear glass spray bottle filled with liquid
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