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April New Moon and Eclipse Incense Blend

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New Moon April 8, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse
April 8, 2024
2:20 PM

The New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, a sign associated with self, pioneering, go-getting, and individualism, is a significant celestial event. This moon’s energy is particularly focused on profound self-healing, making it a potent time for personal growth and transformation.

    1.    Eucalyptus for the Moon in Aries: Eucalyptus has a cooling effect and is perfect for the fiery moon in Aries. Eucalyptus offers healing, reflection, and overall protection.
    2.    Cedar for the exalted Sun in Aries: Cedar corresponds to the element of Fire and the Sun. It provides purification, heals physical illness, attracts money, and induces psychic power.
    3.    Rosemary for Chiron in Aries: Chiron is the asteroid in astrology that shows us our deepest wounds and how to heal others as a result. Rosemary is a fantastic herb that invokes protection, love, lust, mental power, exorcism, healing, sleep, and youth.
    4.    Allspice for Mars in Pisces: Allspice corresponds to Mars, and some of its auspicious traits include money drawing, good luck, and overall healing.
    5.    Mint for Mercury (retrograde) in Aries: Mint is associated with both Fire and Mercury. Mint provides connectivity and enduring mental power through this retrograde.

Your reference psalm is PSALM 129
    April New Moon and Eclipse Incense Blend
    April New Moon and Eclipse Incense Blend
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