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Lets Clean House Carpet Powder

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Get to know me:

When you cleanse a space it is top to bottom, walls, windows, like Lil' John said...Maybe not exactly like he said. Carpet Powder is perfect to sprinkle on your floor to help pull up odors, but also great for some extra cleansing with our Hyssop and Lemongrass. Sprinkle this on your carpet and leave down for at least a half hour. Once vacuumed up dump OUTSIDE in the trash.

Ingredients: Hyssop, Lemongrass, Baking Soda

Tips from The Oracle:

Whatever your belief system, houses have memories and energy builds up over time. Help keeping the energy right in your home helps your energy and others as well. Oh and it smells light and wonderful!

    Lets Clean House Carpet Powder
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