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Cleanse Yo Self Bath

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Get to know me:

Sometime soap just isn't enough. Cleansing baths are usually best to do once a month with using the cleansing soap as needed in between. I love the soap as maintainance and the bath for a overhaul cause lets be honest, this world can be dirty. If you are someone who is especially sensitive then or has some kind of attachment issue, this is also good to use for whenever as well. Don't get caught being messy.


Ingredients: Agrimony, Calendula Flowers, Damiana Leaf, Hyssop, Lemongrass, Coconut shavings, Epsom Salt


Tips from The Oracle:

Coconut shavings are added to each bath to help in the communication for your cleansing and help you connect with your higher self. Every bath comes with an instruction card, muslin bag (we are not here for clogging drains), and contains approximately 2 to 3 baths.

Customer Reviews

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Barb Monette
Cleanse Yo Self!

This bath gave me a whole new perspective! Ahhhh…Go in and get yo self some! I seriously love all of the bath products at Oracle’s, and rely on them to keep me balanced. ❤️✨

Cleansing self bath

Cleansing soft bath As I bought this for someone else to use I can only say their response was that it definitely helped them see things a lot different and feel a lot lighter after they did it I would recommend this product to other people.

Ashley Smith

Cleanse Yo Self Bath

This really helps with the yuck

My job is stressful. Emotions always run high and I always feel like I'm bringing all of that home with me. This has really helped me to manage those yucky feelings and leave them where they belong -- with the people who made them. The packaging is beautiful I really like how it looks with the decor on my bathtub. The muslin bag is great and I will definitely purchase again.

t scott-miller
subtle potion, lasting magic

As a spiritual teacher, I'd be remiss if I didn't state upfront that our spiritual journeys, gifts, assignments + practices are radically different from that of others. So what works for me, may not be a skillful means for anyone else.

I've learned to pay attention to when Spirit is guiding me to seek or to receive, so when I encountered this bottle of magic I trusted that it had showed up with divine timing + purpose!

When I soaked in this "tea bath," my focus was simply on the gift of the moment — solitude, warmth, fragrance — along with my intention to cleanse + clear out recent triggers/tensions. I didn't think ahead with fixed expectations about what impact it would have beyond relaxing my body + mind.

It was a month later, while reflecting on various lessons + experiences with a friend, that I connected the deep peace, steadiness + ease I'd been feeling to my spiritual bath! For me, it cleared the way for radical rest + renewal.

I'd continue to use (+ also recommend) "Cleanse Yo Self" for transitions between seasons or major life changes.

Pro-tip: Before using, put the loose stems/shavings in cheesecloth or muslin (or check what kind of drain/drain cover you have before pouring the loose leaves in your tub). The lemongrass flattens + expands, which can clog your drain + make for a tedious clean-up.

Note: I got the chance to chat with Candice about it + appreciated that she's willing to consider alternative packaging (like adding soaking sacks) in the future.

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