Full Moon in Sagitarius Blend

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Fumitory (for Saturn): money, exorcism

Capricorn will be rising as the full moon is exact, so we look to Saturn (effort, boundaries, accumulated actions, reward through effort) in Pisces (compassion, surrender, eternity) to guide, anchor, and teach us.

Hibiscus (for Venus & Neptune): love, lust, divination

Venus (love, resources, beauty) in Cancer will be in a harmonious and masterful cooperation with Neptune (glamor, ecstasy, magic, the intangible).

Ginger (for Mars & Pluto): love, money, success, power

Scorpio (power, transformation, exclusivity) will be at the crown of the sky as the Moon is full, so we look to Mars (drive, passion) in magnanimous Leo and Pluto (power, generation processes, transmutation) in avant-garde Aquarius.

Myrrh (for the Moon): protection, exorcism, healing, spirituality

The Moon (needs, magnetism, growth, fertility) will be full at 13º Sagittarius (higher learning, the concept of “God,” optimism). The axis of Gemini and Sagittarius represents, among many things: truth v. lies; higher mind v. lower mind; local neighborhood v. far away lands; and information v. philosophy.

Angelica (for the Sun): exorcism, protection, healing, visions

The Sun (consciousness, will, health) will be at 13º Gemini (curiosity, communication, cleverness) during the full moon.


Get your favorite heat resistant dish, add a charcoal briquette, and burn in a ventilated space.

This blend is to be used to celebrate the full moon. It is not meant to be used as tea or any other consumable. Do not eat or drink this blend. Do not smoke or inhale. If you have any questions about how to use this, please email us first at info@oraclesapothecary.com 

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