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New Moon Blend - Capricorn

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This New Moon, Capricorn energy is at a peak. When the New Moon is exact, Saturn rules.

This is a New Moon of structured action, structured power, and purposed restraint but long-term rewards, such as financial success, honor, and fame.

It’s important to walk with high morals and purpose.

Areas to expect endings, spiritual surrender, and needed compassion are in relationships, communication methods, and financial practices that are not cooperating for your best interest.

(1) Saturn in Pisces: Fumitory

Powers: Money, Exorcism

(2) Sun in Capricorn: Angelica

Powers: Spell Removal, Protection, Healing, Visions

(3) Moon in Capricorn: Myrrh

Powers: Spirituality, Amplification, Purity

(4) Mars in Capricorn: Damiana

Powers: Lust, Power, Impact

(5) Uranus in Taurus: Lemongrass

Powers: Repel Snakes (of all kinds), Psychic Ability

(6) Jupiter in Taurus: Cloves

Powers: Money, Love, and Stopping Gossip

(7) BONUS HERB: Catnip

Powers: Attracting (truth)


This blend is to be used to celebrate the new moon. It is not meant to be used as tea or any other consumable. Do not eat or drink this blend. Do not smoke or inhale. If you have any questions about how to use this, please email us first at 

    New Moon Blend - Capricorn
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