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Rosehip Seed Oil

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Get to know me:

Y'all didn't see me coming did you? I am here with a whole punch of amazing things for your skin and spirit. Yes, yes, of course spiritual protection and love are in my mix, but did you know about what I can for your skin too? Improving and tightening your skin with my light not greasy dance across your possibly sensitive skin. Did you know I've been known to be able to talk those sweet nothings to eczema and sensitive skin; letting it know it is okay to calm down and relax for a bit? Oh yeah! I'm filled with vitamins A and C and Lyopene. You know that things that help repair the skin from blemishes and redness while aiding in elasticity and that dry scalp. Lets hook up so we can work together. 2oz

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed

Tips from The Oracle:

There are no extra anythings added to this oil. You get it with all the truly amazing things it does that will hopefully get you what you've been looking for. Oh and we use Rosehip seed oil as a base in alllll our body butters. Yep. We really love your skin and want you to love it too.

    oil in dropper bottle
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