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The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck

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Connection with self, body, and universe is essential to mindful practice—and yet we often struggle to make time to reconnect with ourselves. There are times for realism, and there are times for our imagination to take hold. The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck is designed to help you tap into your intuition, encouraging reflection and opening the third eye through herbal healing. Written by Maggie Wilson, the first Black female cannabis sommelier, it combines her expertise with richly illustrated cards by evocative artist Ejiwa Ebenebe. These cards will teach you how to free your mind and let your connection to the universe unfold.

Maggie Wilson is an educator on spirituality, wellness, and cannabis. She is a Nigerian and Creole writer based in southern California. Raised in a small town in southeast Tennessee, she was adopted and raised without knowing her biological family, which led her to create inclusive events, workshops, and courses about spiritual wellness. She was named Healer by a member of The Wutang Clan. Her podcast was the first metaphysical podcast to chart on the Apple Top 100 in Kenya for 12 weeks consecutively. She and her work have been featured in publications such as Forbes, High Times, Merry Jane, and Bloomberg. Find her on Instagram(@metaphysicalaf).

Ejiwa "Edge" Ebenebe is an established illustrator of fantasy, opulence and whimsy. She is a Nigerian-Canadian artist based in BC, Canada. As an immigrant, she wrestles with concepts of community and identity, both within herself and her work, and strives to create representation for voices (particularly Black and/or LGBTQ+ folks) who are often pushed out of positive, empowering narratives. But also echoing in her work is a love for the ethereal, fantasy stories she grew up with. She has worked with clients including ScholasticWizards of the Coast and Marvel. Her work has also featured in publications such as F(r)ictionInfected By Art and ImagineFX Magazine. Find her on Instagram (@artofedge).

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The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck
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